Medical Weight Loss Programs

thinner waistline in Altamonte Springs

Lifestyle Change Program:

  • A program consisting of a complete initial medical evaluation and blood work
  • FDA approved appetite control medication etc.
  • Lipovite injections
  • Weight loss/Nutritional Counseling

Fast Track Program:

  • A program consisting of a complete initial medical evaluation and blood work
  • Pharmaceutical grade fat burning injections that provide rapid, long last weight loss
  • FDA approved appetite control medication

Detox and Healthy Eating Guide

  • Lipovite injections
  • Easy to follow 2 week detox guide
  • Pre-prepared health guide with serving amounts, types of foods, etc. to allow for proper meal preparation with recommendations from trained professionals

If you are ready to lose extra weight and keep it off for good, the medical weight loss programs at CHC Medical Weight Loss in Altamonte Springs are the solution for you. Our center has years of experience helping patients lose weight. The majority of the patients we've helped have successfully kept the weight off. Our medical weight loss programs take your physical and medical history into consideration when developing the plan that will help you lose those extra pounds.

At CHC Medical Weight Loss we offer multiple plans for weight loss. One plan is the Fast Track Program which involves receiving daily HCG medically prescribed injections of a hormone that can spur rapid long-lasting weight loss. Another plan is the Lifestyle Change Program.  It involves receiving appetite control medication and Lipo injections which not only help you to lose weight, but can have a positive impact on other conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

If you are tired of yo-yo dieting, or losing weight only to gain it back, call our team in Altamonte Springs today.

By Robert Demetree


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